Merge Audio Online

Create your own music mix in a few clicks

Combine multiple audio files into one unique track. Just upload the files, set the playback order and create your own mix of music.

Merge Audio Online: Merge Melodies Effortlessly

Want to merge multiple songs into one file? Our online audio merge service makes it easy and fast. Just select the files, set the settings and get the finished result.

Merge audio without quality loss

Our online audio merging service allows you to combine multiple audio files without any loss in sound quality. Create a harmonious soundtrack or mix sounds while maintaining the original quality.

Create Unique Audio with Merge

Combine different sounds, music fragments or recordings into one individual audio file. Give your creativity a new sonic image with our simple and effective online tool.

Combining audio into one stream

Merging multiple audio files into one just got a breeze. Our audio merge service allows you to merge sounds into a single stream and save it in a format that is convenient for you.

Quick merge audio online

Our online audio merging service offers a simple and fast way to combine multiple audio files. Upload files, set order and get combined result in minutes.

Service Capabilities

  • Upload audio files for merging or overlaying. Users can easily upload their audio files to the service.
  • Preview audio files before performing actions. The built-in audio player allows listening to uploaded files.
  • Manage files in the list. Users can remove files before starting the processing.
  • Merge audio files. The service allows merging multiple audio files into one, setting the order and merging parameters.
  • Overlay audio files on top of each other. Adjust the time intervals of overlaying with a convenient slider.
  • Adjust time intervals for overlaying audio files. Precise time interval settings with sliders.
  • Track processing progress in real-time. The progress indicator shows the file processing progress.
  • Download result. Users can download the finished merged or overlaid audio file after processing is complete.
  • Cancel actions. The ability to cancel started processing and return to the initial state.
  • Error messages. Receive detailed error messages when problems occur during processing.

Description of the audio editor

  • A music enthusiast curates a personalized soundtrack for a special occasion. The online audio merging service assists them in blending various compositions into a unified musical piece that perfectly complements the moment.
  • A podcaster aims to compile various audio segments into a single episode. The online audio merging service enables them to create a cohesive and smooth content stream for their audience.
  • An author aims to transform their book into an audio format. The online audio merging service assists them in blending different chapters and scenes into a full-fledged audiobook available for listening.
  • A video producer seeks the perfect audio accompaniment for their project. The online audio merging service enables them to combine background music, sound effects, and dialogues into a single track.
  • Musicians from different locations aim to collaborate. The online audio merging service enables them to blend instruments and vocals remotely, creating a unified track virtually.
  • A family wishes to preserve stories and memories across generations. The online audio merging service enables them to gather narratives, interviews, and audio recordings in one place, forming a rich audio collection.
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1 8 months ago brilent app
2 8 months ago Truly amazing service. One of a kind that can hardly be found elsewhere. Thank you for offering this to us for free. I am grateful
3 8 months ago it is very good
4 7 months ago perfect
5 7 months ago It´s easy to use and has good results.
6 7 months ago The only one that works reliably
7 6 months ago Simple, but amazing!
8 6 months ago It's really reliable, I just wish you could multi-select, but I don't know if it's possible to do so.
9 6 months ago ITS AWESOME THANK YOU
10 6 months ago great for viewing fnf inst+vocals without opening the game
11 5 months ago Thank you! it helped me so much and the result was awsome!
12 5 months ago gyat
13 4 months ago Very good!
14 3 months ago thank you for making this free for everyone on the net!!!
15 3 months ago Best audio merger.
16 3 months ago nice but i want more edit option
17 2 months ago Perfect for overlaying a FakeYou AI voice singing a YouTube song and the instrumental of that song to create an AI cover. 5 stars. 10/10. Chef's kiss.
18 2 months ago its REALLY REALLY nice :)
19 2 months ago I am very glad I found a service that merges audios for free online, just what I needed thank you.
20 1 month ago It's works very well. Thanks to Merge Audio Online! :-)
21 1 month ago easy and good